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I Could Walk Away (Lyrics)

PIP: (spoken)
How can I stand to see you as Drummle's wife?!
ESTELLA: (spoken)
You must manage.
PIP: (spoken)
ESTELLA: (spoken)
Nonsense!  You will have me out of your thoughts in a week.
PIP: (spoken)
Out of my thoughts?!  Out of my thoughts - why, you are inescapably part of my existence, part of my self.  You are in every line I have ever read, every thought I have dreamt, and every prospect I have ever imagined - on the river, on the marshes, in the light and in the darkness.  You are the blessing and the curse that have colonized my soul; yet to my grave, only your benevolence will endure for you have done me far more good than harm.  Oh, God bless you, God forgive you!

Pip storms out on a confused and shaken Estella.  


I could walk away
I could leave right now
I could walk past the source of
The memories and the remorse of
A heart that keeps burning
And never once has stopped its yearning for love
Just for love

I could walk away
I could turn and run
What is here that possesses
That leaves me feeling so defenseless
If I could remember
One moment that was warm and tender
With love, all I needed was love
What I got was a callous and barren soul
I inherit the cold
Now love's mine to withhold
I should leave while I can
Deny who I am

I could walk away
Find my wings and fly
But the past is my prison
And every inmate is a demon
I cannot just cease them
Unless I know I can release them
I cannot erase them
I know I'd have to turn and face them...

I could walk away
I should walk away
But I have to stay