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I Trust My Heart (Lyrics)

Everything I wanted was here
The simple pleasures
Were mine to hold
But I just tossed them away        

I trust my heart will go on beating
I trust my heart knows where it’s leading             
I flew too close to the sun and was blinded
Being here I’m reminded once again
Where love has been

I trust my heart will go on feeling
Accept the pain that leads to healing
I am the prodigal child who is welcomed
By the hearts he rebelled from, they could see
The good in me 

One day I’ll prove myself, to those I’d left behind
I’ll walk this uphill road,  grow stronger as I climb 
I must deserve their love... And mine

I trust my heart will find new meaning
Now I can see through the eyes of compassion
With the light fashioned by the dark
I’ll get by as long as I trust my heart

I trust my trials are not completed
But trust my heart is not defeated
And even tho’ I have fallen from grace I’ll
Hold my ground and embrace my part
I have seized my finest hour
Faith gives me the power
I’ll survive now I trust my heart